Life Groups

Life Groups are our small group system that is designed to help you go deeper in your walk with God and to foster community among our members.  Life Groups take place on the third weekend of every month.

The Christian life is not meant to be lived out alone. One aspect of our life groups is to help people build deep and healthy Christian relationships. It is our goal that through your life group, you will connect with others to build long-lasting friendships which will be instrumental in living out your faith. God has created us to be relational; therefore, you can’t grow spiritually without connecting relationally.

Jesus does not just want converts rather He has called us to be disciples. Disciples are followers of Jesus who are growing and transforming into the image of Jesus. In other words, they are becoming more like Him. Life groups are designed to help you gain biblical insights and principles as well as to learn how to apply them to your life. The goal in learning is that it always end-up in transformation. As you grow in the knowledge of Jesus and subsequently put that knowledge into practice, you will become more like Jesus and therefore will start to live life like Him.

Disciples of Jesus have been given a great responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others by taking the gospel to the World. Jesus describes this task in Matthew 28:18-20 but also exemplifies it in the way He lived His life. Our goal is that as you connect and grow through your life group, you will start to make both a physical and spiritual impact in your community. Your faith in action will not only transform you, but the people around you. 

Interested in joining a Life Group?

Life Group Leaders:
David and Jane Erickson
Matt Tisch and Judy Blackledge
Amy and Dion Stumpo
Terry and Cathi VanDonkelaar