Discipleship Course

Here you will find the scheduled Bible Studies, Classes, and Intensives for the current season.

"Fervent: A Woman's Battle Plan" A Book Study - Women's Bible Study

with Katie Chrysler

Who: Women

When: Tuesday at 10 am

Starting: Tuesday, March 27th

Length: 6 weeks

Location: Living Word Muskegon - Youth Room

About: Satan isn't your enemy in an impersonal way; he specifically wants to destroy you! In her book, Fervent, author Priscilla Shirer brings her role in War Room into the lives of real women to show them how to renew their passion, refocus their identity, deal with regrets, defeat temptation, weather fears, and uproot bitterness. Fervent is a woman's battle plan for serious, specific, and strategic prayer.

Book of James, Pt 2 - Women’s ONLINE Bible Study

with Judy Blackledge

Who: Women

When: Tuesday at 7:30 PM

Starting: Tuesday, March 30th

Length: 6 weeks

Location: Zoom - link sent following sign up

About: In this study, we will continue to look at the book of James. In the first chapter, he writes that if we ask for wisdom, we will receive it from the Lord. We need to gain this wisdom daily to live the Christian life in these difficult times. There are many practicals in this book that will help us in this endeavor. Let’s explore them together.  

Foundations 2 - General Discipleship Course

with Rob Liphard

Who: Anyone, New Believers

When: Wednesdays before service at 5:45 PM

Starting: Wednesday, March 29th

Length: 6 weeks

Location: Living Word Muskegon - Youth Room

About: This class is designed for the new believer, anyone who has come from a different church, or anyone who has not had the chance to learn the Biblical backing behind our foundational truths. This class is also a great idea for anyone who wants to refresh themselves on WHY we believe what we believe. “Now is the time to ensure YOUR foundation is strong and secure!” According to Hebrews 6:1-3, these truths should be part of our foundation:

Week 1. The ABCs of Christianity 

Week 2. How to better study your Bible 

Week 3. Developing a personal prayer life

Week 4. Developing Christian Character 

Week 5. Becoming Faithful to Jesus

Week 6. Developing faithful Church attendance

“Dream Giver” A Book Study - For All Bible Study

with Brandon VanDonkelaar

Who: For All

When: Thursday, 6:30 PM

Starting: Sunday, Mar 30, Apr 13th & 20th, & May 11th

Length: 4 weeks

Location: Living Word Muskegon - Cafe Room

About: TBA

“How to be the Priest of Your Home" - For All Bible Study

with Pastor Tim Cross

Who: Men and Women

When: Sundays, Following Service

Starting: Sunday, April 16th & 23rd

Length: 2 weeks

Location: Living Word Muskegon - Conference Room

About: This would primarily be for men, but could include mothers, too.

This will help you lead your family spiritually through the seasons of life. Learn how to take authority over situations in your home that are not just natural, learn how to minister to your family, plus how to lead your family to minister to the Lord. 

Coming This Fall - New Ways to Grow